Lateral Finger Systems

Renew your Septic System in a Day

The Terralift™ system utilizes a long yet narrow probe assembly with a pneumatic hammer that enables the penetration of earth to depths of 3 to 6 feet while being minimally invasive.

This device delivers measured bursts of air into the earth using a high pressure compressor that creates a series of fissures, or cracks, that cause a break-up of the bio layers. These layers will have hardened over the years on the interior walls of trenches. The Terralift™ system loosens up compacted earth in the septic drain field, and this helps keep your septic system healthy.

Will Not Affect Your Healthy Lawn

With Terralift™ you can renew your septic drain field and keep your lawn intact.

This is because air, like water, tends to follow routes of least resistance, so the forced air moves up through the soil, expanding and breaking up the compacted soil beneath your lawn.

The process is utilized repeatedly (usually approximately every four feet, depending on the hardness of the soil) around and about the drain field trenches – and not spoiling the look of your lawn.