Sump Pump

A Healthy House Starts With a Dry Foundation

There may be no greater threat to the long-term health of your house than the moisture level in your basement.  That’s why every house with a basement should have a well-designed and well-maintained sump pump.

Put simply, a sump pump is your greatest defender against water incursions in your basement. It works, because it is part of a larger system that provides a ring of waterproofing protection around your foundation.

Installation of a sump pump

When you work with us, we will work with you to design a sump pump plumbing system that is right for your property. This generally involves digging a small trench around the perimeter of your home, which we will use to lay drainage pipes. These pipes help funnel excess water that builds up around your foundation directly into the sump pump. The sump pump, which is installed flush underneath your basement floor, collects the water from the drains.


How it works

When it detects water in its tank, the motor in the pump activates automatically and flushes the water through exit drains that direct the water away from your foundation line, where it can drain away properly.  The beauty of a sump pump is that, when properly installed, it defends against flooding and water damage day and night, with very little supervision from the homeowner.

Guard against flooding

We believe that a sump pump is a smart idea for any home, as it helps to guard against unusually heavy rain falls, broken/overflowing gutters and exterior water pipe leakage that can get into your foundation. But, for homes set below a grade, or any home where rain run off tends to run directly toward your home, we believe sump pumps are an absolute must.  In fact, in many areas, they are required by local ordinances, homeowners associations, or by home insurance providers.

While a sump pump is a reliable and relatively foolproof tool for maintaining your home, it does require regular maintenance.  We generally recommend that homes with a sump pump have it checked regularly to ensure that silt has not built up in the lines, which can adversely affect your pump’s ability to continue pumping at the proper strength to properly dispel the water.  Also, if your home is surrounded by old growth trees and bushes, it is important to ensure that the line has not been compromised by tree roots or other unexpected invasions.



Sump pump maintenance is a big part of the business we do, and we take that responsibility seriously.  We work with you to create a design that works for your home, including pricing and installation for drained basement window wells, piping, and a new sump pump and associated electrical hookups.

We offer a variety of price and size levels to accommodate any size property.   And, once your sump pump is installed, we can create a maintenance plan that will ensure your sump pump system will function perfectly for years to come.

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