UncategorizedSeptic system problems can be caused by homeowner behaviors.

Preventing Common Septic System Problems

Ideally, your septic system isn’t a frequent concern. If you experience problems, though, the odor and potential damage can be major. Septic systems can experience many issues that can damage your yard, pipes, and pose a health risk due to the untreated sewage leaching into the ground. Your behaviors can mean the difference between a functional septic system and a fouled backyard in need of repairs. These behaviors can contribute to common septic system issues and should be avoided.

Home Remedies

A great deal of misinformation is spread online regarding home remedies for septic systems. While well-intentioned, these solutions can negatively affect the pH balance of your septic tank and damage the bacteria colony needed to process wastewater. Uses of baking soda, yeast, cornmeal, brown sugar, and more can cause more damage to your system and yard, and can even clog your plumbing as well.

Flushing Non-Biodegradable Materials

If you have a septic system, you must take the utmost care in ensuring that only biodegradable items are flushed down your toilet. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Drain cleaners, feminine products, and more can clog your tank, damage the bacteria levels, and lead to required repairs. If your pipes are clogged, you should contact a professional for assistance. All other waste should be disposed of alongside other garbage.

Not Completing Regular Maintenance

Septic systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. The layer of sludge in your septic tank needs to be pumped out at least yearly. If you are facing septic tank problems, you should contact a professional to have it serviced and to help you identify other problem areas. Intrusive roots, shifting ground, and other factors can contribute to septic problems. Mechanical failure can happen due to a number of reasons and may require extensive maintenance that could be avoided with early detection.

Excessive Water and Detergent Use

During times of heavy rain and snow run-off, your septic system’s leaching field can become flooded and saturated with water. When this is happening, it is best to reduce your laundry use and other activities at home that use water heavily. When doing laundry, you should avoid excessive use of detergent and other cleaners – these can clog your septic tank, negatively affect the bacteria levels, and contribute to decreased function overall.

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