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For everyone with a septic system, making sure that it stays functional, safe and hygienic for you and your family is a top priority. These unseen systems are usually the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when everything is functioning just fine, but when something goes wrong then the owner could be in for a difficult issue. Septic systems are like any other element of the home – they require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they stay as functional as possible. 

Max Haas Septic, Sewer & Grease has been the team packed with local pros since 1923, helping Avon, Indiana residents to repair, maintain and pump their septic tanks, as well as assisting with a huge variety of other home system needs. We have the crew and equipment to handle a job of any size, and with free estimates and low rates you’ll know you’re getting the best deal possible. See how the team at Max Haas Septic, Sewer & Grease can help keep your septic system in top condition.

Septic Tank Pumping for Avon Residents

Your septic tank is a closed system, which means that everything you place into the tank over time will begin to accumulate. This accumulation comes in more than one form, with a solid layer of sludge on the bottom of the tank and grease that begins to accumulate as a layer of scum near the top of the tank. With enough time and buildup, these can work to foul the leaching field in your septic system. This can prove to be a health hazard, and might require an expansive and complicated series of repairs to fix. 

To remove buildup, your septic tank will need to be pumped out after a certain amount of time. The amount of time that your septic tank can go between being pumped out depends on several variables. First, the size of your tank. Overall, a smaller tank will simply require much more frequent pumping as there is less room for accumulation. Next, if you have a larger household, then naturally you will be creating more waste and then will need to pump more often. Larger households fall into determining the last category, of how much solid waste is produced by your household. Factors like if you have a garbage disposal can make a big difference in how often you need to pump. Pumping every 3-5 years is usually a safe guideline, but calling for an estimate can help you be sure.

Avon Septic Tank Cleaning

Regular septic tank cleaning on a timescale of several years apart goes hand in hand with septic tank pumping services. It’s recommended that every 3-5 years on average, a septic tank will need to be drained in order to work as effectively as possible. The material in your septic tank is broken down by an environment of bacteria within the tank, and depending on your septic setup is then broken down within your leaching field outside of your home. For holding tanks without leaching fields attached within the system, the septic systems of homes will need to be pumped out and cleaned of sludge and waste materials more often. 

For issues surrounding septic tanks like clogging, excess material, etc., Max Haas Septic is experienced in working with all types of systems to fulfill cleaning needs. If too much material builds up and it isn’t attended to as often as it should be, then it can create issues with your plumbing as well as become a health hazard. With a free estimate, you’ll be able to see how effective and affordable a septic tank cleaning for your Avon home can be.

Experts in Avon Septic Tank Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your septic tank system, since if it’s working fine in the moment, why worry about it? However, if you regularly maintain your system, then you’ll be more likely to avoid repairs in the future that might be preventable. If your septic system fails, then the contaminants can reach the groundwater, infecting it. This can lead to algae blooms that harm wildlife, as well as waste odors that can ruin the look and appeal of your property aside from being a health hazard.

Some of the common ways you can maintain your system over time don’t take much time or effort on your part, but can keep your system working well. The expert crew at Max Haas Septic, Sewer & Grease can drain your grease trap, for one. Grease traps stop grease, oil, wax, and other fatty-type debris from entering a system and presenting an increased risk for clogging the system up. Our team is additionally trained to use The Terralift™ system in order to break up the bio layers around a lateral finger system, making sure that the system can still drain healthily without leading to an issue down the line.

Septic Tank Treatments in Avon, Indiana

The way some of your waste products get broken down and treated within a septic tank system is through an ecosystem of bacteria that exists within the system and digests some of the material that goes into the tank. This bacteria plays a vital role in making sure that the material is broken down as much as possible, and can be safely disposed of with minimal hassle or intervention. However, if not properly maintained then it’s possible for there to be more issues with drainage into your surrounding leaching field. Be sure to treat your tank right, and be sure that it can stand up to what you put in it with treatment.

Flushing household chemicals down the drain, as well as things like cooking grease or oil and hygiene products, can have a negative effect on the bacteria in your septic system. Keep this in mind the next time you’re going to put something down the drain, and it could save you some hassle. If you need to treat your tank, Max Haas Septic, Sewer & Grease will be able to give you the service you need to maintain a healthy system.

Septic Repair Options for Avon

Max Haas Septic, Sewer & Grease has some of the highest quality repair services for septic systems in Avon, Indiana. Things like clogged drainage lines or drain fields can be extremely difficult to deal with, and if caught too late they can become expensive. Our team is full of experience in dealing with septic issues, and has the equipment to be able to handle a job no matter what size it is. We respond quickly and can recommend the best course of action for every situation. To get repairs to your system and get back to normal, call us today.

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