Where Carmel, IN Goes for Septic Tank Services

In 2012, CNN Money Magazine named Carmel, Indiana as the “Number 1 Place to Live in America.” Known as a fast-growing, economically-thriving city on the North Side of Indianapolis, Carmel has been transformed over the past 20 years by vibrant redevelopment projects. Did you know that the city has more than 80 roundabouts, which is the most in any city in America?

Carmel is focused on growing new businesses while maintaining its reputation for excellent schools, low taxes, safe neighborhoods, and ease of transportation. Since 1923, Max Haas Septic Service has been providing Carmel and central Indiana with clean, punctual, and professional septic service, grease and septic cleaning, and disposal.

With trucks equipped with a 400-foot hose to reach your most difficult systems to tackle, we are committed to providing professional and reliable service.With a hose that long we can guarantee that we will not cause damage to your lawn and our service professionals are always keeping concerns like that at the top of their minds.

Carmel, Indiana Septic Tanks

We realize that septic tank systems are important and we are also aware of just how integral they are in our daily lives and to the environment in general.

It is important to keep in mind that care and maintenance of the total septic system is crucial in order to avoid future problems, and not contribute to any negative impact on natural resources like groundwater.

The efficiency of your septic system is all about the bacteria that digests the organic matter in the floating layer. It is essential this bacteria be present and active so it is very important that you keep your system properly maintained at all times.

Grease Traps

Septic grease traps or grease interceptors are devices designed to keep materials such as grease, oil, wax, and other fatty-type debris from entering a public sewer system. In order to eliminate build-up, these traps need to be pumped regularly, which is a service we offer and are the expert in.

Any sink that will be exposed to grease must have one of these traps. Generally, they should be placed at least 10 feet from any hot water faucets to allow the water to cool to a specific temperature before it enters the grease trap. Also, the trap’s size must meet the standards of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

At Max Haas Septic we also offer services in addition to septic tank and grease trap pumping. For example, we offer sump pump, well pump, battery backup pump, and lift station installations and replacements.

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