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Max Haas Septic Service provides affordable, reliable septic services for homes and businesses in Greenfield.

If you have a septic system, you already know how important routine maintenance is for the system. Preventative care and maintenance can help you avoid expensive, inconvenient problems, but if you do experience an emergency, we’re here to help.

Servicing Your Septic System

Septic system owners must have their system pumped on a regular basis to allow for consistent level and volume of the water layer. This also decreases the chance sludge will cause problems.

Do-it-yourself remedies do not work – and can actually make a problem worse. Pumping is essential and no matter what you hear, there is nothing that can dissolve the sludge in your tank. It’s better to leave that to the experts.

Bacteria Levels Matter

Maintaining bacteria is also an important part of maintain your septic system. There are numerous things that throw off the bacteria balance in your septic system – normal, everyday things that can lead to a serious septic problem.

For example, do you use bleach or harsh detergents in your laundry? Have you ever used a drain de-clogging liquid or solvents and cleansers? Most homeowners use these products to maintain a clean and healthy home, but they can damage your septic system.

Let us help you restore the balance of bacteria in your septic system so you won’t need to worry about emergencies.

Routine Maintenance and Emergency Service You Can Count On

Routine and timely tank pumping is a necessary part of maintaining the health of your system. We know septic issues and we know Greenfield – so whether it’s during one of our cold Indiana winter or during the annual Riley Days, you can rely on Max Haas Septic Service be there when your septic tank needs service.

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