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When it’s time for a septic tank pumping service, Greenwood homeowners can turn to a company with a century of experience – Max Haas Septic!

The Greenwood Septic Tank Pump Service Done Right

If you have no idea when your septic tank was last pumped out and can’t find any records about it, get a fresh start now with Max Haas Septic. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your system is not in danger of backing up, and we’ll have a record to keep track of when you’re due for your next service.

Septic Tank Pumping Emergency Service When You Need It

Attention Greenwood Indiana homeowners: We hope you have never experienced what happens when you don’t remember to have your septic tank pumped. Needless to say, it’s a very unpleasant experience! Here are seven signs to watch out for in ascending order of severity and unpleasantness:

  1. Your Calendar: In an ideal world, you would know the last time your septic tank was pumped, and what the right interval is for your next service. You could set up a notification in your preferred calendar app to let you know it’s time. Following the recommended interval should mean you never even notice anything indicating it’s time to service your septic system.
  2. Slow Draining/Flushing: If it seems like it’s taking longer than normal for sinks and tubs and showers to drain, or your toilet doesn’t have the flushing power you’re used to, these are all good indications that it’s time to have your septic tank pumped out. These are low-level signs, but they also mean much more ominous consequences are on the way if you don’t act now!
  3. Odors: When your septic tank gets fuller than should be allowed, stinky gases that smell like Sulphur have nowhere to except back up the pipes to your house. If you notice sewage smells coming from the drains and toilets in your house, or notice those odors in the yard where your septic system is located (tank and drain field), call your septic service company ASAP!
  4. Greener Grass: If the grass over the area where your septic tank and leach field are located suddenly becomes greener and lusher than the grass elsewhere on your property, this could indicate it’s getting an extra shot of “fertilizer” from excessive waste coming from the tank. Time to pump!
  5. Pooling Water: If you start to see pooling water anywhere around your septic tank or drainage field, you’re on the edge of an even worse disaster. And yes, it will likely also smell terrible. Call your septic service immediately.
  6. Well Water High in Nitrates: Many houses with a septic system also have a well that provides the home’s water. Well water should be tested once per year to ensure it is healthy to drink. If a test comes back with high nitrates, wastewater from the septic system could be finding its way into the groundwater the well accesses. An immediate septic tank pumping is in order, along with a full inspection to see if there are other issues with the septic system.
  7. Sewage Backup: This last sign is the worst of all because it is by far the most unpleasant to experience. Raw sewage backing up into your home is the stuff of nightmares. Follow a regular septic tank pumping schedule!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to lose track of when their septic tank was last pumped out. If you really have no idea, then this is one case where it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our advice to you is this:


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Trusted Professionals for Central Indiana Septic Tank Pumping

If you actually notice any kind of sign like the ones listed above that your septic tank needs pumped, you want to get it taken care of immediately to avoid a seriously unpleasant experience. And who better to get the job done right than a company that’s been doing this type of work for a century? Yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it and Max Haas Septic is the company ready, willing, and able to make it happen for Greenwood Indiana homeowners. 

Some homeowners have decided they don’t like the whole septic tank pumping out routine and look for ways to avoid it. As a result, there are well over a hundred different “additive” products that promise to reduce the waste accumulating in your tank. Please, don’t waste your money on these products! They do not help, and could even cause serious problems. The state of Washington banned the sale and use of septic additives back in 1993 because most were worthless or caused additional problems. Over the years some products have been approved for use, but the list is short compared to how many products are available. 

Septic system technology isn’t rocket science. It’s simple, straightforward, and works well – and that includes pumping out the tank at the recommended intervals for your tank size and household size. Max Haas Septic has been pumping out septic tanks for Greenwood homeowners and surrounding communities since 1923. We know how to get the job done!

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