Zionsville Indiana Residential Septic Tank Pumping

Off the northwest “corner” of the Indianapolis I-465 beltway sits Zionsville, Indiana. Its charming downtown and a Main Street paved entirely with bricks has made the town something of a tourist destination. Abraham Lincoln even made short speech here when the train he was riding made a stop in Zionsville. It was 1861 and Lincoln was traveling to Washington DC in order to be inaugurated as the nation’s 16th president. Zionsville is small (population 27,000) but covers a surprisingly large area of 53 square miles. This means you don’t have to go very far north of the downtown before you have homes on septic systems rather than city sewer. And that means there are septic tanks that need to be pumped out every few years.


Zionsville Homeowners: Septic System Maintenance is Critical


While it may be true that your septic system doesn’t require frequent maintenance attention, missing a cycle of septic tank pumping can result in some seriously unpleasant issues. If you can’t figure out the last time your tank was pumped, our advice is easy: 


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Are you sinks draining slowly? Do you toilets have less “oomph” than they used to when you flush them? Is the grass over your drainage field greener than the rest of your yard? Are you noticing bad smells coming up from your drains and toilets? Is there water pooling in your yard where your septic system is located? These are all sign that you could be heading for the worst experience of all – BACKUP – which means waste backing up into your home. You can avoid that disaster by having your septic tank pumped out at regular intervals. And if you have no idea when your system was last serviced, call us now to get it taken care of sooner than later. Then at least you’ll know you’re safe – and this is one case where it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry!

Where Is My Septic Tank?

In some cases, homeowners may have no idea where their tank is located. Check the paperwork you hopefully kept on file from when you purchased the home. A property map might have the location of the tank marked. Look especially for the home inspection report to see if there’s a map included in there that shows the location of the septic tank.

If your own homeowner’s paperwork doesn’t have anything that shows the tank’s location, there could be something on file with the county government that shows it. Check with the Boone County Health Department. Most county health departments do keep records of septic tank installations. But depending on how old the home is, you might still come up empty-handed.

Another option is let us help you find it. Max Haas Septic has been installing, servicing, maintaining, repairing septic systems throughout the communities of central Indiana since 1923. With nearly 100 years of experience, we can figure it out for you. What we’ll do is verify where the sewer pipe exits your home (typically in the basement), then find that spot outside the home and follow the pipe by using a soil probe (a thin metal rod) until we reach the tank. We can also help you properly document this location so you’ll always have this information when you need it, and can pass it on to the next owners if you ever sell your home.

Septic Drain Field Decompaction for Zionsville Homeowners

In addition to septic tank pumping, Max Haas Septic has a special tool to solve another problem that can occur with your drain field (also called a leach field) – compacted soil. You septic tank has to be pumped every few years because the solids build up at the bottom of the tank as sludge while oil and grease accumulates at the top of the tank as scum and is held in place by the design of the tank.

Liquid waste without sludge or scum exits the tank and into the drain field where it can percolate through the soil, which naturally removes contaminants and allows the treated water to return to the area’s groundwater supply. But over time the soil of the drainage field can become so compacted that wastewater can’t percolate through it as it is supposed to. Some septic companies will say you need to have that entire area of your excavated and the drainage field reconstructed. We think that’s an extreme measure that should only be used as a last resort. What we would do first is renew the drain field using Terralift, pictured here.

It’s a special kind of pneumatic “hammer” designed specifically for soil rejuvenation in the drain field of a septic system. And it does it without doing any damage to your lawn. If anything, your lawn will end up in better shape as Terralift will also provide aeration. The machine’s long, narrow probe penetrates down to the trenches of your drain field. Air is then injected by a compressor through the probe at a precise rate to create cracks and fissures in the compacted soil of the trench walls. This will allow liquid waste to once again flow through the soil for treatment. The new passageways are kept open by polystyrene beads delivered with the air. It’s simple, effective, and leaves your lawn intact.

If your Zionsville septic system needs attention, call Max Haas Septic at 317-241-9292 to book an appointment today. Whether it’s a simple septic tank pumping or a drain field renewal with Terralift, we’re ready to help – and you’ll love how affordable our prices are as well. With nearly 100 years of experience, we know how to get the job done right the first time around. Enjoy the peace of mind you get knowing your septic system is good working order!

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